Photography by Katherine Lawson
Located at the Clam Factory
Fifield Point RD, Burnt Cove, Stonington, Maine
Open most days noon to 4, Sundays by chance.
If I am out photographing, please inquire at Clam Factory Gifts, located in the same building.

Most of my photographs were taken in the Deer Isle - Stonington area. I print them myself with Epson Ultra Chrome Pigment inks, on Hahnemuhle 310 gm2 William Turner Fine Art Paper. This paper is 100% cotton rag and is archival quality. I like doing my own printing because I can control the quality of my work from the camera to the print. It enables me to keep the feeling of the print the same as the feeling of the scene which I photographed.
I have more photographs at my PBase gallery

P5200004 P5210077 P5210080 P5280110 P5290133aa
P5200004.jpg P5210077.jpg P5210080.jpg P5280110.jpg P5290133aa.jpg
P6080528 P6080568 P6080569 P6090659 P6231183
P6080528.jpg P6080568.jpg P6080569.jpg P6090659.jpg P6231183.jpg
P6271361aa P6271367a P6281408a P6281423 P7020449a
P6271361aa.jpg P6271367a.jpg P6281408a.jpg P6281423.jpg P7020449a.jpg
P7020457 P7020460a P7061675 P7061680 P7140042
P7020457.jpg P7020460a.jpg P7061675.jpg P7061680.jpg P7140042.jpg
P7160894 P7160901 P7160905 P7160909 P7230947
P7160894.jpg P7160901.jpg P7160905.jpg P7160909.jpg P7230947.jpg
P8051087 P8071106 P8240734a2 P8240741 P9081723
P8051087.jpg P8071106.jpg P8240734a2.jpg P8240741.jpg P9081723.jpg
P9141952 P9171986a P9181998 P9252112 P9252117
P9141952.jpg P9171986a.jpg P9181998.jpg P9252112.jpg P9252117.jpg
P9252132 P9292186 P9292203 P9292205 P9292226
P9252132.jpg P9292186.jpg P9292203.jpg P9292205.jpg P9292226.jpg
P9292227 PA292873 boathouse6 boathouse810x8 burntcoveb4
P9292227.jpg PA292873.jpg boathouse6.jpg boathouse810x8.jpg burntcoveb4.jpg

Copyright 2004 Katherine Lawson